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  • Local site copy and paste the same industry facing us how to face


    how should we do?

    the Internet every day to copy and paste the original content, others hard, a few seconds to copy, this is a fatal blow for new sites, if the original content of an old copy of the new station, for the search will identify new sites in the copy of the old station, so that the Internet makes new sites in the starting line long distance I run, local real estate network since 2 months, serious duplication of content by local forums, peer competitors, a relationship between the content of all our staff and developers to establish, the latest content, the only access to the message. Today, my colleagues and I have been discussing, local site copy and paste the same industry face

    : we establish cooperation before and after 2 months of face, ban advertising, refused to cooperate, let us all strangled in the cradle of the difficulties, our team is still trying to struggle with passion, we established a timely and effective communication and cooperation relationship with the customers and users, which makes our brand gradually strengthened in their hearts. In the face of copy, and we really helpless, but we are not willing to give up like this.

    : we make a brand in the face of their copy at the same time, we should not be discouraged from the side, we should feel happy, because someone finds our value, therefore we should do better, but for our users, where there is a new content, where to go, so in the local operating station friends must accumulate resources, make the brand.

    concluded that the difficulties no matter how big, do local website friends stick to it, to establish a real bridge platform for cooperation, and for users, paste, copy, we should be more should prepare themselves, do propaganda. Try to make your site live.

    (search banner US)

    (love Shanghai search index increased very fast)

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    features: when others make copies of their original fruit, is certainly very atmosphere, but in the current Internet, prohibit copying, prohibition right, for professionals that don’t work, just a software will crack, for our operation site, is the local industry, they copy we should make a feature, make the original.

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    because I am writing is limited, also please forgive her, but I was full of difficulties and problems experienced by the team, hope and encourage each other, if it is peer friends together to discuss the problem of QQ:271686584

    : the Suining real estate network www.0825fang贵族宝贝 original release! Please indicate the source.



    How to restore K website is fast


    2; your site is recently being attacked or hanging by a malicious web site problem.

    analysis, find out the reason by K.


    ! ! !Remedy:

    can also see through the love of Shanghai using the site command, if there is no appear, then the problem is very serious


    1; your daily published content is consistent with the theme of the site, and no use of cheating.

    1; because of the content, good quality, increase in content updates, and control in key words, don’t stack.

    3; whether your website copy or publish some meaningless contents in content.

    for this, I believe many of my friends are clear. However, how to find the problem? For example: I was in the station before K, and collected the snapshots are normal, but one month duration cannot be opened in K. The reason is very simple, because the server problem was K out of the

    second points; to solve the problem, to solve.

    The first point:

    3; other problems, then according to the actual situation of processing.

    < >

    2; because the horse must first solve the problem, the station Trojan files, find and delete, and analysis of love Shanghai Webmaster Tools chain use, refused to junk the chain.

    I of this site because the server problems, which led to the spider crawling to. So, in a period of time as long as I keep up-to-date, and release some of the chain can guide the spider into the site. In this case, estimated in a week or so can be restored.

    in the spider crawling refused to a website, as long as you love the Shanghai Webmaster Tools "grab the diagnosis" can diagnose. If the continued failure of capture, so that your site has entered the blacklist, you need timely remedial


    but some of my friends what web server is very normal, every day in the update site is K off! Why? I think you can study under the following problems.


    some time ago, one of my personal site because the server problem caused by the time of a month can not be opened, then love sea K away! So, here I come to you on the next, how to make a K website fast recovery! Here, let me for my big experience share


    general site is above three.

    How to make more effective on email marketing


    send mail

    some network marketing personnel mentality too impetuous, when the message is sent out after a period of time has not received any reply when he was impatient to start, start regardless of user experience to the user’s mailbox was frantically, end up being user pull black. Therefore, the frequency of email must be scientific control, if there is no new publication or information, it should not be so frequent user to send mail, it is best to do a half a month to send mail, if there is no new information, rather than also don’t repeat, junk mail, everything to the user the main experience.

    email marketing, as an important network marketing skills, paid utmost attention to the network marketing personnel in the past. But because of the rise of a variety of new communication tools and SNS platform, the message seems to gradually become the object of people forgetting. Nevertheless, email marketing is still a part can not be ignored as network marketing, network marketing personnel, understand the point of email marketing knowledge is a must, let the author discuss with everybody, how to make more effective email marketing.

    fourth: monitoring and analysis of mail effect

    if you think the mail will no longer manage after sending, then completely mistaken. The monitoring and analysis of mass mailing effect >

    is used to buy oil as an example, we can according to the classification of products to users to buy sesame, sesame oil to buy, to buy pure sesame oil and so on. We are to send these details of different categories of users interested in their products, so as to allow users to experience that we really want to get them to buy our products, rather than in spam.

    in the developed countries, the fast pace of life, the importance of user mail has been far better than before, a lot of users as long as a mail, and even look directly into the recycle bin, especially some of the messages of no value, even more so. Therefore, if you write the email is very complex, and the content does not have value, it is difficult to attract the user’s attention.

    to send mail, must be careful and earnest to edit the contents of the e-mail, you want to send directly to the user groups, do you hit the nail on the head, such as sending the object is to buy your oil users, mail to tell the user directly, sesame oil price and how to buy your oil, do not go straight, too many.

    Before the

    third frequency

    email marketing is the most taboo is not classified users send mail so blind, not only can not achieve good results, but also cause the user antipathy, will also increase the cost of sending mail, the time, this time a thankless job, you think we should do it?

    : the first message content must be simple and valuable

    A new era of


    classification of mail users Note:

    Optimization for Shanghai Longfeng optimization practitioners do not blindly with the actual cogniti


    second, do not throw the link. The chain of course there is no doubt about the value of the site, and we have to do is keep the site looking for high quality outside the chain, of course, this process is very difficult, sometimes even can be used to describe the pain. There is no denying that many owners of the development ability and the ability to crack is very strong, a mass software attendant, such as blog group, the forum message, sending blog comments and so on, a lot of cluster tools let love Shanghai search engine for the importance of the chain to determine the ranking in review, 3013 love the sea launched a year indeed, Scindapsus algorithm, machine operation behavior of a severe blow to what the illegal acquisition of the chain, the group have become spam links, this time many stations with mass long had to face the website ranking and weight look back to the liberation in the Shanghai for the chain of love the quality requirement is greater than all, even if not a chain, the firm can not release any garbage outside the chain.

    first, for some tutorials or books don’t blindly reference to screening. Now Shanghai dragon industry numerous books, as long as it appeared on the market a lot of books are a few years ago, we can not deny the value of factors inside knowledge of books, though it is the most basic knowledge, basic skills, but after all, the search engine algorithm is changing every day, some knowledge of difference between the blind use will definitely affect the optimization process if not, even for the negative impact of website optimization. For example, many website ranking as long as enough of the chain can be, but now you still insist on the chain for the emperor thought I think you are out now, for the love of Shanghai user experience is more important than everything, when there are a lot of books available, love Shanghai, Mars also Scindapsus algorithm no, this time if you don’t go to find, to innovate, to practice, but a lot of methods mechanically before, you talk about your operation has much positive effect for the website ranking ascension.

    third for the novice, do not parrot knowledge is the core. For example, as of last year rise this year Taobao off many novice sites have not established blogs like mountain climbing, but a lot of people watching others do Taobao customers to earn a lot of money, don’t join them in the best of spirits, the rise of many guest training institutions, now look really do make money off Taobao >

    as everyone knows, website optimization is a very strong practical work, because the Shanghai dragon optimization many times in addition to their solid skills with optimization, the search engine for changing algorithm is to pay attention to and understanding of the time, this is the Shanghai Dragon Phoenix optimization instability is too strong, in this case for a professional optimization personnel I think we don’t in the process of optimized website blind to reality, such as some of the old knowledge, outdated theory to avoid timely, well, the details are divided into four pens and everyone to share.

    Nofollow label waste chain time how many webmaster



    The weight of

    chain is the webmaster > Xi in the net.

    nofollow tag has been an attribute of the HTML tag of the major search engines recognized the value of its meaning is to tell the search engine " do not follow the links on this page " or " don’t keep track of the specific link. Whether it is love or Shanghai, Google, soso and other major search engines have recognized this label. So, no weight transfer to the chain with nofollow tag to the website even up. Although the major search engines to be able to see some related domain name is included, but this is only to a broad role plays a website with the domain name.

    with nofollow tag, and the webmaster and love outside the chain site in these sites.


    , a Shanghai love experience playing nofollow label

    A focus of

    site outside the chain has been Shanghai Longfeng practitioners can not be ignored, the quality of the website chain to directly affect the weight of a web site ranking. I believe this "content is king, the chain for emperor" to let the webmaster for the chain of crazy. However, the chain should follow a principle of quality, the high quality of the chain are far higher than the number of the chain is more important. A nofollow Tag Chain in the high weight of the site can be seen everywhere, and so the chain does not know how much time wasted the chain webmaster.

    love Shanghai experience is beyond doubt, and it is the love of Shanghai for their products, the contents of the above information is very sensitive, very friendly. Love the experience of Shanghai below the reference just can leave anchor, because of this, the chain is also often is the webmaster in Shanghai love experience. However, the love experience of Shanghai is not a vegetarian! Professional Shanghai Longfeng workers will develop a view source attribute such habits, whether a link with the nofollow label, if the chain with nofollow tag, the effect is certainly not ideal! (below) < / p>

    The author lists some


    two, the people net also playing nofollow label

    first not to talk about the application of nofollow tag in the construction site, but the chain is concerned, the author believes that the chain only with nofollow tag is a kind of labor performance. Put simply, if the A page has a link to the B page, but the page to the A link with the rel=" nofollow" tagging, search engines do not the reverse link A "calculation into page B. The search engine to see this label may be reduced or completely abolished the link to the voting weights.

    Optimization of mall product pages included Keywords oriented layout


    > spider products do work The


    as the mall site, a site is mostly in the form of pictures of intoxicants mall is the integration of the tea industry, the website inside display a variety of exquisite pictures, for the user’s visual effect is good, but for the optimization of Shanghai dragon is not so ideal.


    2, between the title and the title of the reduced product similarity


    can find the page and page similarity reached about 80%, the search engine, two pages of a page may not much difference between, will only choose included, and give up included another page, and the same kind of products most products are almost the same, this will cause the site difficult the phenomenon of. But from intoxicants mall Tieguanyin tea included, that included is quite substantial:

    3, call not the same comment

    call is not the same comments made to reduce page similarity, like Tieguanyin tea page Jingdong store, each page with different call words, such as:

    1, reduce unnecessary boilerplate text



    page is the best title out of the ordinary, but as far as possible to remove some of the keywords ranking no description of the role, such as some exclamation: good beautiful, really beautiful… The general user is not to search. Keywords in the product layout is a big project (below the specifically), not free to play.

    personally think that reducing website similarity, increase the content of products included can start from the following three points:


    customers must first solve the problems included is the website, because each industry has a large number of keywords that we need to do, and for a picture based mall site, included up relatively than text to difficult, especially for the tea website title, description, and pictures very similar pages, for the content included is more difficult, the following shows similarity Tieguanyin similar products:

    The problem for

    page of each fixed content too much, will increase the site’s similarity, such as the two page there are 500 words, the template text occupy 100, occupy 300 of similar content, then the similarity of two pages to 80% and two respectively; if the page is 500 words, the template text occupy 50 the contents of the same, occupy 300, then the similarity two pages decreases to 70%, the more visible boilerplate text, the similarity of web pages and the higher, reduce the unnecessary boilerplate text can reduce the similarity between web pages and.

    In the process of the construction of the website optimization content should also continue to chang


    first, the effectiveness of content updates must pay attention to the content. The update of the purpose is to show the most fresh things to the user, we must pay attention to the effectiveness of the content of the relationship such as the recent news and your industry, whether there is some relationship between the recent release of new products and the optimization of the word you. Our objective is to update information in a timely manner to meet the user’s curiosity to explore things, there is a relationship but in addition to information timeliness is a must and their industry, which is very important for the owners concerned, we must do the content analysis of effectiveness of process planning in content updates before the.

    Finally, the author sum up,

    third, construction site should be diversified some module. We know that the website module diversification, not limited to web content plate and product module, we can increase the number of sites for interactive quiz, such as diversification of some industry encyclopedia module can promote the site’s persuasion, some professional knowledge to enhance our website of credibility, in fact, these details are around the user to do website experience, most content is to update the original content, most of the time not only to the original content, users also need to have an interactive communication process, this time on our website will have these basic functions, allowing users to express their feelings with the place.

    second, we can form some content. I found the text is dull process now many enterprises website content update, we can change the content and form, such as the use of graphic mixed mode, can increase the number of interactive functions in the text at the end of each, such as comments, topic discussion, reading text in addition to the user actually we want our the text live, by constantly attract customers attention to enhance the value of each article, some think the present site optimization optimization method has been gradually withdraw from the stage of history, such as increasing the keywords of the anchor text ah, ah, bold keywords these practices I will not repeat them, we still have to try to update the article for customer service, after how users read the article is how to treat this article, the sole purpose of existence is Let the user is the point like, so it is necessary to interactive elements.

    , the content of the website is the key you have been concerned, the author in the process of optimized website is also very focused on building content >

    The current

    website optimization everyone will shift the focus to the content of the website, as a qualified webmaster we must do website content optimization to the present, but the quality of website content is low, repeat more content, especially some industry website can be updated content is the source of the problem very rare in this case we consider how the contents of the? I think this is a lot of enterprise owners attention and concern, so, today I will share with you all, website optimization process content creation ideas.

    Love Shanghai open platform application is not insurmountable


    Oh, OK, beginning today, I carefully studied the love of Shanghai open application platform, found an interesting thing, and not all applications are in the first place, it is estimated to love Shanghai ranking mechanism to go inside, you can go to search music Lianliankan this Martian input of fruits and vegetables a few words, you will find that although the application platform of love Shanghai, but they are not in the first row, some keywords (like the music you have the keywords) onto the middle of the page to see



    did not investigate copyright, piracy, any plagiarism, ensure the integrity of www.dytj8贵族宝贝. Communication can progress, based on the A5 platform and share exchange

    said today love Shanghai open platform (app.baidu贵族宝贝) and love Shanghai open platform (open.baidu贵族宝贝) is not the same, we can get to know the details about

    carefully count, found out that the one page only 9 sites, that is to say love Shanghai it is their application platform as a web site, is actually the website, it will participate in the ranking mechanism that will receive the weight of influence, so as long as your site weight is high, then the row Shanghai love to the front application platform is not impossible, many small game name, you can go to search, mostly in page 4399 occupy the first.


    believe that we love Shanghai to open platform have little understanding of what we do in Shanghai dragon, it hurts too much, love Shanghai open platform that is quite shameful, directly take up the entire screen, even if you put keyword optimization to second, third, traffic was being intercepted away. In the game for example, we can go to search for the keywords of small game, the screen is direct, 4399 of the poor, the estimated flow less, according to the top three accounted for 80% of the flow algorithm, so the application of open platform, an estimated second even 10% of the traffic is not fishing.

    The reason the new long-term is not included in the love of Shanghai


    is now a lot of people, in order to facilitate easy, select the server in the site, the choice of foreign record space, the server is not stable for foreign website development is fatal key, want to obtain long-term development site in the search engine, the server must ensure stability. The use of space is not stable, open very slowly or often crashes, this website experience is very low, research shows that when a web page open speed more than three seconds, then 90% people will be directly closed. But the web server is not stable, slow speed of open space will give webmaster website inconvenience, a station before, because the open speed slow, others can not access, no confidence in themselves to give up business! If you currently use space and poor quality, or access is very slow, then I suggest you try to get a good quality of space, or no matter how you optimize your website on how to release a plateau quality content outside the chain with no use!

    will set the robots file on the line before the forbidden love Shanghai spiders, but after the line to lift the ban, the problem is not that it, as long as you have the robots.txt file website banned love Shanghai crawl, site will not be included in the love of Shanghai.

    search engines love original content, so a lot of collection of web content, the content is very rich but very slow to be included. The best site is regularly updated, and the original update, if not the original can also false original, but the love of Shanghai pseudo original content judging more and more intelligent. Recently this time love Shanghai slightly adjusted some of the algorithms, it is too repetitive for those who content or website will not.

    , the web server is not stable


    website optimization, website rotten, love Shanghai is not at all not included. If the line on the website for a long time, the love of Shanghai has not been included, but there are several reasons for this.

    is used to love Shanghai punishment domain

    We all know that A lot of people love to use the old domain name

    site early online, robots files are not allowed to crawl

    fourth, the original site is low, be regarded as love sea station


    , of course, use the old domain name website ranking has certain advantages, if the old domain name itself has a weight, and the content of the website and you are content, then it is very beneficial to your site’s ranking. But if you use the old domain name was love Shanghai punished, then the result is opposite. If you choose a favorite domain name has been registered, but used, so be careful, it is best to see what is there to love Haicha records, there was no love to punish Shanghai! Before the written article "recently received a brush love Shanghai weight customers" clearly says, how to brush the weight, so when buying the old domain to be careful ah.


    The general situation of The new general

    Whether the new sites keywords ranking disappear calm


    moreover, the website chain and content, which is most often done in Shanghai Longfeng work, but also in the normal optimization process, resulting in the greatest suspicion of keywords ranking suddenly decreased or disappeared, the website chain not only pay attention to quantity, but also the quality of any one search engine is not up to the requirements of all facing a possible site is down right, even by the K. The content of the website is the same, not only to the original, and regularly updated, want to let love Shanghai timely collection, snapshot update, website content is the source of at least.

    search engine is unfathomable to the website ranking algorithm is that workers in Shanghai Longfeng every hour and moment thinking of search engines, because of this, most of the time, the search engine to the webmaster is rather baffling helpless. Remember the Shanghai dragon worker said, do Shanghai dragon to have a certain psychological quality. This makes sense, as we all know, the search engine every day with his own algorithm to mobilize each website ranking. The business of the Shanghai dragon worker, website keywords ranking is the best proof of Shanghai dragon, often keyword ranking plummeted, or disappear, but it will make Shanghai dragon to find causes a multitude of things er.

    second, website security, stability means love Shanghai trust in the site. In the normal site optimization, don’t forget to check whether the site timing of the horse, malicious attacks etc.. Buy web space, try to choose a reputable IDC space, whether stability will directly affect the user experience in the process of optimization of the so-called sense.

    is a new station, the station soon, since the website optimization work is considerable, since love by the favor of Shanghai, keywords ranking is relatively stable today in Shanghai Longfeng query, all data are considered normal, only a few keywords ranking is love Shanghai cold, lost Not the least trace was found. At this time a heavy heart, I believe you can appreciate the webmaster. The first time, will think twice their error in operation on the website optimization. To analyze the factors according to the normal procedure, if you are a web site on the hand, what to do, and may cause the website keywords ranking drop, I believe he is the best teacher.

    finally, undeniable, love Shanghai focus on weight. Under the same conditions the relative site weight high website ranking will be far more than the low weight site. Take the front the new theory, in Links, there is a competition website, the same keyword ranking has been on the site, the chain and included data on the new station, beyond the competition site, after a small search engine update, keywords ranking has become.

    first, Shanghai Longfeng workers understand website title description, keyword density will directly affect the site optimization work, non compelling circumstances is not easily changed, even small problems encountered in the process of optimizing and the change is likely to bring the optimization work is one disaster after another.