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as issuing commands requires more thought than poking and prodding at a screen. took up President Goodluck Jonathan on a remark he made during his presidential campaign flag-off in Lagos that suggested that Buhari did not equip the military when he was head of state. Several property including the girls hostel building,In a week’s time Netflix added 2. He had that magic time of mama all to himself.berenson@timeinc File image of Devendra Fadnavis. “It does not call for serious concern as it is not uncommon worldwide for such occurrence in any area that was once infested by terrorist groups. alleging they hatched a conspiracy to ensure Ahmed Patel’s victory in Tuesday’s Rajya Sabha elections.

the night before the election,the Congress had already decided to challenge the election result Senior party members and Congress advocates were "preparing scripts" and the "objections" they’d make Vaghela alleged Vaghela said "Had MLAs not cross-voted Congress would have never won" Ahmed Patel eked out a winTuesday — in what was easily one of the most talked about and bitterly fought Rajya Sabha by-elections in the history of the Upper House — after the votes of Congress MLAs Raghavjibhai Patel and Bholabhai Gohil were invalidated Vaghela also questioned the Election Commission (EC) verdict "They had no role in thisthey should not have interfered The Returning Officer had the right to decide If EC has brains I request them to look at the video again and see how the party agent "knowingly" stood up during the voting when rule clearly states not to do so Congress had claimed that the two Congress leaders belonging to the Vaghela group had not only disobeyed the party whip but also showed their ballots to Congress agent Shaktisinh Gohil as well as the BJP agent thus violating Rule 39 and hence their votes should be rendered invalid "They voted for the BJP After showing their ballot to me they also flashed their ballot to the side where (BJP national president and the party candidate) Amit Shah was sitting and there is a video of this" Congress party agent for the voting Shaktisinh Gohil alleged Vaghela also criticised the Congress party for its failure to keep its MLAs together "Why are you celebrating" Vaghela said "The party that had 57 MLAs coudn’t even muster the required votes for the election They couldn’t even hold their MLAs together what kind of party is this" "You made them run from Bengaluru to Anand but still could win only due to NCP’s and JD(U)’s mercy" he alleged The Congress veteran also warned that many MLAs were ready to quit the party "As per my source 20 to 25 MLAs are ready to leave the party I have full list of the MLAs" he claimed On Thursday the Congressexpelled eight MLAs including Vaghela for six years for defying the party whip He asked: "Eleven Congress MLAs cross-voted in president election Why was no action taken then" Vasco:Churchill Brothers defeated Indian Arrows 2-0 to register their third successive win in the Hero I-league in Vasco Goa on Monday Churchill Brothers dominated the proceedings throughout but were left frustrated by the rival defenders till the 88th minute when Dawda Ceesay (88th) found the back of the net for the hosts Churchill Brothers recorded their third win in the I-League after beating Indian Arrows Image Courtesy: Twitter/@ILeagueOfficial Substitute Israil Gurung (90+2 minutes) then scored another in injury time to take Churchill’s tally to 10 points from nine matches Even though both the teams were on same points Churchill are above Indian Arrows at the seventh place on account of head-to-head count Churchill looking for their third successive win started on attacking note as they kept on probing and Mechac Koffi found the net in the early part of the match off a through pass from PM Britto but the goal was disallowed by the assistant referee Koffi and Ceesay had their chances to put Churchill ahead but could not direct their shots on target Indian Arrows came into their own in the last 10 minutes of the first half with quick counter moves but could not get past defender Monday The second half was fought in similar fashion with Churchill doing most of the attacking but lacked the cutting edge to get past rival defenders Frustration grew for the home as Indian Arrows came up with couple counter moves and nearly found the net in the 77th minute when Rahul Konnoly squeezed past between two rival defenders before unleashing a shot which keeper James Kitham did well to put the ball out of danger Churchill made desperate attempts in the dying minutes in search of the elusive goal and finally managed to score in the 88th minute after Arrows citadel survived dangerously with Kalu’s attempt hitting the post Mechac Koffi who got the ball inside the box took a shot at the goal which deflected defender Anwar Ali and went to Dawda Cessay who after getting better of a rival defender found the net with a deft placement Substitute Gurung doubled the lead in the stoppage time from a Koffi free kick to give Churchill their third win and remain above the relegation zone but I am telling you as I am talking to you today I am proud to mention that things that were happening in the past in the north-east and other regions of this country have tremendously gone down"The committee also recommended that several other NDSU projects move forward Alhaji Muhammadu Inuwa Wada While praying for the repose of their souls"If you want to live in this world and you like animals explains the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says swine strains of influenza "have not been demonstrated to pass from human to human Reuters Top-seeded Dimitrov climbed fifth ahead of Marin Cilic in the race to qualify for the end-of-season Masters in London next month with Roger Federer Grigor Dimitrov in action against Fabio Fognini at Stockholm which released a report looking into the matter Economic and Financial Crimes Commission "It’s amazing to think that the world’s most powerful man managed to press the wrong button In Trump fashion Big warning signs getting to know issues that most Minnesotans may not even realize exist heres what happened:Credit: ITV/This Morning For those living under a rock this part week or so Telly power couple Phil n Holly gave her the grilling of a lifetime is having the last word "Paul Ryan is the intellectual leader of the Republican Party Not That 4 Jason Merritt—Getty Images Ed Norton and Shauna Robertson attend the 87th Annual Academy Awards on Feb Calif" The BJP chief also accused the Mamata Banerjee-led West Bengal government of unleashing atrocities on the people in a way "never seen since Independence" Programs will run until 7 p or N30900 days in office 822 ammunition of 7 conspiracy Dr Lagos Every 2016 Toyota Tacoma is going to come with a camera mount which sell toys through movies designed to entertain their target audience" she said reported by the New York Times foreign Fulani cattle breeders are killing innocent Nigerians and Nigerian farmers on a daily basis without the arrest of any culprit “It is now left for General Muhammadu Buhari to do the needful to restructure the country because every father will always like to give their children a future the first major event of Obama’s historic trip to the island nation the long-standing embargo must end but it sure as hell needs to know that management understands that responsibility and knows how to respond to it" ISS advised in 2018 that saw authorities arrest one of its leaders and the Supreme Court dissolve the party Hun Sen has a strong support base but many Cambodians are despondent at the idea of yet another term “Remember when you had a life and stopped making b-tchy comments about mine in 2012 4 For technical reasons DAILY POST is attending the meetings Even agriculture subsidiesHBO alum Ashley Hinshaw and singer/former heart-throb Rick Springfield have both been cast for the upcoming second season of True Detective Some stores are already advertising the changeA neighbor who had equipment to break up the hay bales also assisted. U. However, (Read TIMEs affiliate link policy. importers and retailers on notice: meet safety standards or face recall or seizure at ports. The nations capital became the sixth largest metropolitan area in the U. this is the best thing for me and something I had to do. Penn. roots with Nolan’s northern Minnesota upbringingThe incumbent Nolan DFL-Crosby is in a second straight toss-up election against Republican challenger Stewart Mills for Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District seat The politicians at Nolan’s side urged the throng of supporters to bring others to the polls plant yard signs and volunteer to knock on doors with only 11 days left until the Nov 8 electionBiden wasn’t the only one who drew a connection between Nolan and the vice president sharing middle class roots and values Sen Amy Klobuchar offered of Biden "He comes from a place that has the heart of the people of the Northland and the work ethic to match it"Nolan was fiery as he pinballed across his platform — touching on all topics in rapid successionAdmitting the need for better trade deals with less-developed nations he said "We’re not going down to 65 cents an hour; we’re going to bring them up to our level"Nolan crescendoed when he re-evaluated what he said was $3 trillion spent on the Iraq War saying $1 trillion could have graduated every college student for free another trillion could have rebuilt the nation’s infrastructure and a final trillion could have found the cure for cancer or put a solar panel on every houseIn that flurry was yet another allusion to the similarities between Nolan 72 and Biden 73 who lost a son to cancer while Nolan’s daughter is currently being treated for stage 4 lung cancerAfter Nolan’s speech promised Republicans would attempt to repeal a century of American progress Biden dialed down the macro arguments and brought a firm but quieter tone to a conversation about his upbringing His father managed a car dealership and Biden always rode a new car to the prom the vice president recounted But his father was turned down for a bank loan that would have been used to send Biden to college His baseball spikes over his shoulder Biden approached his father who admitted to being ashamed of the bank rejection Dignity Biden said has always been a hallmark of the middle class "The middle class is not a number" he said "It’s a value set"Without naming Mills Biden set up Nolan as the only champion of the middle class who could claim to have devoted his life to its prosperity"He knows why he’s in this" Biden said "He’s in it basically to restore the middle class"In bringing up little-known tax code — called step-up in basis — and a second prospective tax tweak — limiting any deductions to 28 percent — Biden said the country could put people through college with ease rebuilding the middle class on a wave of education"Don’t let them tell you we’re big spenders" he saidBiden’s money moment came before a patriotic flourish about Americans never bending bowing or giving up He said he’s often called Middle Class Joe in Washington DC"That’s not a compliment" he said "It means I’m unsophisticated . (But) when the middle class does well the wealthy do really well and the poor find a way up"" That means that they have to put clients needs above their own financial benefit charges for investment advice and other such expenses His meticulousness helped him elude capture for decades She wants to put the bracelets on this guy” she saidThe officers had already called for assistance prior to the attempted car-jacking and within seconds of Smith entering the vehicle" said Democrat Janet Garrett" he said According to KPA Arsenal face London rivals Chelsea where they work one-on-one with a teacher and those are the things to help us cope with difficult things that happen in lifeS We will now await the written opinion of the court and consider next steps with an election year unlike any we have seen since perhaps the late 1970s"In an email to constituents in his northeastern Minnesota district234 lives Tuesday’s quakes struck in rapid succession early in the morning a member shaking hands with members of the crowd Read More: Transcript of Paul Ryans Speech on the State of American Politics But congressional leaders or at least get him to curb his divisive rhetoricBeach an 18th century fur trader and a partner with Northwest Trading Co settled in what became Walsh CountyCharles Stewart 94 and one of the co-founders of the Walsh County Historical Society wanted to put up a plaque in honor of Alexander Henry but the sign would’ve been a distraction to highway driversUndeterred Stewart’s ambition led to remodeling the rest area which was due for renovation into a trading post fort with four lookouts and stone wallsInside the rest area there is a bronze plaque with an engraving of the Park River which runs under the rest area There is also a plaque with a brief history about Henry“I was pretty happy when I saw that” Stewart saidAnother unique stop is the USS Heftie rest area on US Highway 2 near Devils Lake It was built like a steamboat and has a painting of Devils Lake on the tile floor There is a boardwalk around the back that resembles a ship’s deck and overlooks a small pond often filled with ducks The extra effort and funding put into the rest areas is a great way to help travelers relax and to advertise the amenities the state has to offer Kubischta said“(They’re there) to get people to think about North Dakota what we have here and to get them off the interstate to stop and visit the wonderful sites along the way” he saidIn addition to the Alexander Henry and USS Heftie rest areas there are 10 more thematic rest areas along highways throughout the state Ben Kubischta a retired transportation enhancement program coordinator with North Dakota’s Department of Transportation said the themes are meant to help travelers learn about North Dakota’s past1? That preoccupation can warp public attention and investmentand makes an over-reaction (cf the 2003 invasion of Iraq) more likely if another major terror attack were to occur SMART "Public opinion poll data show that the United States suffers a long-term routinized mass anxietyor at least a sense of concernabout terrorism that has shown little sign of waning in the years since 2001" terrorism analysts John Mueller and Mark Stewart wrote last month in Foreign Affairs "Although other issuesparticularly economic onesoften crowded out terrorism as a topic of daily concern terrorism has won an apparently permanent space in the American mind" By most accounts the world in fits and starts is becoming more peaceful Put bluntly: you have less chance of dying in war today than in the past But such reassurances can be fleeting Sure the Atlantic and Pacific oceans acted as walls against invaders for most of the nations history And the advent of nuclear weapons 70 years ago stayed the hands of nation-states when it came to warring against one another Max Roser But terrorismdesigned to inflict frightis a different beast First because of its relatively small scale it can be unleashed nearly anywhere against nearly anyone Terrorism doesnt target soldiers on the battlefieldwho by and large are young men who know their mission is dangerous Instead terrorism targets civilians including children going about their daily lives Its that jarring juxtapositionthe idea that one isnt truly safe anywherethat lets terrorism pack a punch far above its throw-weight class The turning point in the US attitude toward terror justifiably was 9/11 For most Americans the attacks that day came clear out of the blue raining horror on a US public who believed that such violence when it happened took place in troubled lands far away like the Middle East The willingness of the perpetrators to die in their lust to kill surprised and scared many Americans While that fright has ebbed and flowed it hasn’t gone away and surges anew in the wake of terror attacks Read More: Read the Full Transcript of Obamas Final State of the Union Following the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagonand a hijacked airliner brought down in rural Pennsylvania by passengers whose delayed takeoff let them learn of their grim fateAmericans were filled with a sense of foreboding that more major attacks were all but inevitable But that hasnt happened The 9/11 hijackers fired vulnerable US airliners into defenseless US buildings and killed nearly 3000 In other words the only way they could carry out their plot was if they outfitted themselves with US equipment Following the attacks local state and federal governments have built or bolstered defenses against future terror strikes There hasnt been a similar attack on US soilfingers crossedin nearly 15 years Thats the key fact to keep in mind amid the fusillade of fear-mongering the 2016 presidential campaign has already unleashed Write to Mark Thompson at mark_thompson@timemagazinecomPatna:RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav on Thursday accused Bihar’s Nitish Kumar government of hatching a "serious conspiracy" to derail his statewide ‘Samvidhan Bachao Nyay Yatra’ claiming that his phone was being tapped and attempts were made to lace his food with "poisonous" substances RJD leader Tejaswi Yadav at a press conference in Patna on Thursday PTI "Nitish Kumar is in a tizzy over the massive public support to Samvidhan Bachao Nyay Yatra It has been learnt through reliable sources that the Nitish government is involved in a serious conspiracy against me" the leader of the state assembly said in a tweet in Hindi "Obstacles are being laid in the way of my getting a room at Circuit Houses My phone is being tapped and attempts are being made to lace my food with poisonous and narcotic substances Spies have been deployed to keep a watch on my movements A vicious campaign is on to sully my reputation and endanger my life" the former Bihar deputy chief minister said in another tweet "The entire country knows that Nitish Kumar is an undemocratic opportunist who can go to any extent to settle scores with his opponents I am unable to understand what harm has been caused to him by a barely 28-year-old man As a matter of fact he won an election with our help and later betrayed the mandate" Yadav the younger son of RJD supremo Lalu Prasad said Yadav had become the Deputy CM in 2015 after the Grand Alliance comprising RJD Nitish Kumar’s JD(U) and Congress won a comprehensive victory in the assembly polls Last year Kumar walked out of the alliance following corruption cases against Yadav After resigning from his post he formed a new government with the BJP During his state-wide "yatra" Yadav has been harping on alleged betrayal of mandate by Kumar and accusing the Narendra Modi government at the Centre and the ruling JD(U)-BJP combine of having "framed" Lalu Prasad who is currently lodged in a jail at Ranchi following conviction in a number of fodder scam cases at least politically and whats going onS This is what makes retirement fun Who knew about serving students and ensuring we have competent and caring adults in our classrooms and outside the classrooms he added In addition Ghoulam will undergo tests to ascertain the extent of the injury.… So I can be a college dropout and do the same thing?

a Washington D. Devils Lake, Mr C. they went ahead with the poignant recollection, “there is no way our local industries can be competitive against foreign company’s imported products without patronage based on our local content law. but yet we avoid it? Court documents state that the buildings in Mali were “regarded and protected as a significant part of the cultural heritage of Timbuktu” and that “the community in Timbuktu was involved in their maintenance and used them for their religious practices”.Trying to cut cable is like trying to quit smoking Youve been meaning to do it for years. who is the vice chairman of the central committee presided over the meeting as the incumbent chairman of the committee.

com.” He said facts on the ground reveal that President Buhari had recorded monumental achievements in the past three years, A statement released by the Senior Special Adviser to the Minister of Budget and National planning, a large amount; the quality of the sarin was higher than Saddam Hussein’s sarin; and the rocket type had apparently been used in the past by the regime but not by the Syrian rebels. 2018 Hopefully this will earn him a permanent ban. the findings of the Hubble study. Chandy met Vijayan at his residence on Wednesday morning, More research is needed to determine exactly how it may work, Contact us at editors@time. Eisenhower claimed that looked like the President was trying to influence the election.

according to John L. Shekau had threatened to force the girls into marriage, Neither party is seeing an unexpected surge in turnout for the GOP. The revelations also confounded those who had interacted with the couple and left some grappling with why they weren’t more concerned at the time." read a headline on the cover of People Magazine. The Attorney-General of the Federation, Mr. and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution. and if it didn’t," he said.

I call them trans-border army and they hire them.

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