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first_imgNew Delhi: The AAP government has assured the Delhi high court that digitisation of the office of Director of Prosecution will be completed within three months. A bench of Justices S Muralidhar and IS Mehta was apprised by Additional Public Prosecutor KD Pachauri about the status of ongoing work.He handed over to the bench an affidavit, filed by Director of Prosecution (Officiating) of the Delhi government, on the status of the work undertaken for the digitisation of the offices of the DoP. The court was assured by the DoP that the work will be completed within three months. Also Read – Bangla Sahib Gurudwara bans use of all types of plastic items”As far as the offices of the standing counsels, civil and criminal in Delhi high court are concerned, a separate status report dated July 4 has been placed on record by Sanjay Aggarwal, Additional Secretary (Law, Justice and LA). “It is stated therein that his department is in the process of preparing timelines for the various activities involved in the digitisation of the office of the Standing Counsels,” the court had noted recently. Advocate Rahul Mehra, standing counsel for Delhi government, informed the court that the detailed timeline will be placed before the court on the next date. The court said that in the meanwhile the work already undertaken should proceed without waiting for further orders. The matter is posted for next hearing on August 23. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murderThe high court had earlier directed that the task of computerisation should be taken up by the Delhi government on priority basis by providing DoP with sufficient equipment and technical personnel including data entry operators. The court had also directed that the Office of standing counsel (civil) and criminal of the high court should be computerised on similar basis and linked through LAN to the department as well as the offices of the Law Minister and LG.last_img read more

first_imgConstruction and non-construction contractor’s workforce from the Peace River Regional District made up 21 percent or 762 which is up from 603 in April.The number of apprentices employed on the project increased from 144 in April to 173 during the month of May.The number of Indigenous working on the Project increased from 283 in April to 346 in May.Women working on the Project saw a great increase from 398 in April to 530 in May.According to B.C. Hydro Community Relations Manager, David Conway, these are the highest numbers to date on the project. FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – B.C. Hydro has released the latest Site C Dam Project employment numbers for the month of May 2019.The number of people working on the Site C Dam Project increased from 3,775 in April to 4,385 in May.The total number of workers from B.C. was 2,722 which is 75 percent of the workers.last_img read more

The Madras High Court Bench has set aside an “illegal conviction and seven-year sentence” imposed by a trial court on three people, alleged to be LTTE sympathisers, on charges of conspiring to smuggle acetone, glycerine, formaldehyde and dicyanamide to Sri Lanka for making explosive substances and indulging in unlawful activities in 2008.Disposing of appeals filed by them, Justice S. Nagamuthu ordered retrial in the case since the ‘Q’ branch police and the lower court had made “grave mistakes” in the trial that led to their conviction on March 4 this year. He pointed out that there were inconsistencies between charges framed against the accused and the charges under which they had been convicted. The judge said that he could not set aside the illegal conviction and let the appellants go scot-free for the errors of the prosecution and the trial court. read more

first_imgEVERY WEEKDAY EVENING, brings you the five stories you need to know before you head out the door.1. #CRC: Members of the Public Accounts Committee said they would press ahead with plans to compel the former CRC Chief Executive to appear before the panel — however this is unlikely to happen before the New Year.2. #IRA: The European Court of Human Rights has ruled the the Special Criminal Court did not violate the rights of a man convicted of IRA membership.3. #NEW RECRUITS: “An important day for the force”: Alan Shatter officially confirmed the start of the new garda recruitment campaign. Around 100 men and women are expected to enter Templemore next year.4. #LIFE’S A GLITCH: Ulster Bank has been hit with another technical problem, just a week after it resolved an issue that saw thousands of customers unable to access their accounts online.5. #BAD SIGNS: The sign language interpreter at the Mandela memorial who was branded a ‘fake’ over his confusing hand signals has said he was experiencing a ‘schizophrenic episode’ at the time.last_img read more

first_img By Adam Daly Image: Xinhua News Agency/PA Images 81 Comments We look forward to welcoming the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to Ireland on 10 July— British Embassy (@BritEmbDublin) June 19, 2018 THE DUKE AND Duchess of Sussex will visit Dublin on 10 and 11 July.Kensington Palace confirmed the news this morning on Twitter.”They are looking forward to learning more about Ireland’s history and experiencing its rich culture, as well as meeting the people who are shaping the country’s future.”Tourism Ireland said the royal visit has the potential to deliver a major boost to Irish tourism.“We expect a large media contingent will travel to Ireland to cover the visit, bringing the story to millions of people in Britain, and elsewhere around the world, and providing a truly unique opportunity to highlight Ireland as a wonderful holiday destination. Image: Xinhua News Agency/PA Images 60,610 Views Jun 19th 2018, 10:45 AM center_img Short URL Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Tourism Ireland will take every opportunity to exploit the tourism potential from the extensive publicity around the visit.The British Embassy to Ireland tweeted to say they were looking forward to welcoming the newlyweds to Dublin next month. Source: British Embassy/Twitter Tuesday 19 Jun 2018, 10:45 AM Prince Harry and Meghan to visit Ireland The couple will spend two days in Dublin on 10 and 11 July. Share836 Tweet Email5 last_img read more

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram German officials appeared to give out conflicting messages about the country’s position on Greece with officials from both countries playing down reports about a new Greek loan package in the coming months, but expressing support for Athens’s reform efforts, while a top-ranking German official suggested that Greece would be more suited to support from the World Bank than the International Monetary Fund.A government spokesman in Berlin was quick to rebuff reports in Der Spiegel over the weekend, according to which a third aid package of 10 or 20 billion euros could be extended to Greece in exchange for more economic reform commitments. “There is no new situation regarding Greece,” a spokesman said, and ruled out a debt haircut “categorically.”Senior sources at the Greek Finance Ministry also reacted to the German press reports, noting that a funding gap in the Greek financial program was created due to decisions taken by eurozone officials. “We are open to any discussion about a package on the condition that there will be no more fiscal measures, only structural measures,” one official said.The German Finance Ministry’s five-page “position paper,” revealed by Der Spiegel and seen by Kathimerini, clarifies that Berlin does not favor the release of further funding to Greece in the first half of this year, adding that a premature decision on releasing aid to Athens could undermine reform efforts. It also adds that Germany and its European partners should send messages of support for Greece ahead of May elections.German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble expressed Berlin’s fears about Greece’s fragile political situation in an interview in Monday’s Wirtschaftswoche. “Greece is faced with a domestic situation which is anything but easy. It faces many difficulties,” he said, adding that a third loan program for Greece would be a “low-risk” move.Germany’s Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel was much harsher in comments on Monday during a discussion involving European Parliament President Martin Schulz, among others. “Greece’s case falls more within the remit of the World Bank than the International Monetary Fund as its state infrastructure is nonexistent,” he said. The World Bank usually deals only with developing countries while the IMF is one of Greece’s three official creditors, along with the European Commission and European Central Bank.In Athens, Prime Minister Antonis Samaras and his coalition partner Evangelos Venizelos are said to have discussed the progress of Greece’s reform efforts, though the date of the troika envoys’ return to Athens remains unclear, as well as tactics for capitalizing on a series of positive economic indicators that Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras is to present in the coming days.In a related development, a statement by German leftist party Die Linke, according to which Greek authorities should impose a one-off capital tax on wealthy citizens, prompted a clash between conservative New Democracy and leftist SYRIZA, with the former referring to “the marginalized allies” of SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras. The furor followed the statement by Die Linke’s vice president, Sahra Wagenknecht, in support of the Bundesbank’s proposal for a capital tax for rich Greeks and her opposition to a third aid package for Greeks. Source: Kathimerinilast_img read more

first_img Wow, the NES Classic Edition has been selling like crazy. It’s like Wii launch numbers here. I know, who would have thought a $60 mini-NES that looks cool and comes with 30 games that upconvert really nicely to 1080p over HDMI would be a hot gift? You’re gonna have a hard time finding one unless you pay way more than retail from eBay scalpers. That doesn’t mean you can’t play classic games, though.Here are some NES Classic Edition alternatives you can hunt down, varying wildly in price and availability. None of them involve illegally downloading anything, either!Wii U/3DS Virtual ConsoleNintendo itself offers the most obvious alternative to the NES Classic. While its online services still lag years behind everyone else’s, Nintendo does have a huge library of classic games you can download straight to your Wii U or 3DS. NES games are $5 a pop, meaning instead of $60 you’ll be spending $150 if you want every game on the NES Classic. The Wii U Virtual Console also doesn’t look quite as good as the NES Classic; its games are darker, less saturated, and the sound isn’t quite right. We’re not sure why.Retro-Bit GenerationsRetro-Bit, a company that makes classic game controllers and has put out cartridge-playing retro systems in the past, recently released the Retro-Bit Generations. It’s basically an NES Classic if none of the games were from Nintendo. It outputs over HDMI just like the NES Classic and features over 100 games from Capcom, Data East, Irem, and Jaleco. No Mario, Zelda, or Samus here, but you get Bionic Commando and Kid Niki Radical Ninja!I reviewed the Generations for, and unfortunately, it’s a pretty crappy device. Really promising on paper, but its HDMI output uses this ugly smoothing filter that might as well be a composite video connection, the gamepads are mushy, and the game list is mediocre to shameful. Seriously, you have over 70 actual retro games, why would you try to pump up that number by adding 2048 and a Flappy Bird rip-off?RetroN 5If you still have your old games, you can enjoy them directly with HDMI upconversion thanks to the Hyperkin RetroN 5. It can play NES, Famicom, SNES/Super Famicom, Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, and Game Boy/GBC/GBA games, pulling the roms directly from your cartridge and emulating them as long as the cart is in the slot. There’s some controversy around the RetroN 5’s emulation code and it isn’t the most user-friendly device, but it works in a pinch if you can dig out (or find at flea markets) some classic carts.Retro-Freak Everything the RetroN 5 does, Retro Freak does better (except play NES games). This Japanese retro system can play Famicom, SNES/Super Famicom, Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, Game Boy/GBC/GBA, and TurbografX-16/PC Engine/SupergrafX games. Not only does it run the games while they’re in the slot, but you can actually rip them to a micro SD card and play them on the go using the system’s processing module, a small box that slides into the bigger cartridge reader shell and is about the size of a SNES cartridge. It only takes USB controllers, but the manufacturer Cybergadget makes a controller adapter that lets you plug in your original gamepads. It also can’t play NES games out of the box, but they’re working on a Cortridge Converter (yes.) that will hopefully come out early next year. Seriously, it says Cortridge Converter. They also have a Sega game converter to let you play Master System and Game Gear games on it. I got mine in Japan because I’m a giant nerd (and I got a great deal), but it’s fairly readily available online in North America now.Classic Game Anthologies Don’t Expect Any More Nintendo Classic ConsolesKonami Announces Live-Action Contra Film and TV Series Stay on target If you have a game system and don’t mind handling discs, there are loads of classic game collections available outside of the Virtual Console. There are Super Mario All-Stars and Kirby’s Dream Collection for the if you want Nintendo games, but my favorite is Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection for the PS3 and Xbox 360. 40 Genesis, seven arcade, and two Master System games covering basically all of the greats of 16-bit Sega (with the sad exception of Gunstar Heroes). There are also plenty of collections and individual classic games on Steam and PSN, and a good handful on Xbox Live.Crappy Drug Store Game SystemsLet’s be real here. You’ve seen those Atari Flashback and Sega Genesis game systems on the shelves behind the check-out line at your local drug store (or in a corner in your local toy or discount store). And they sound awesome. Lots of classic games in a package that look like the original system, just like the NES Classic. They often can even play cartridges if you have them. If that isn’t enough, they’re also usually dirt cheap. There’s just one problem: They’re terrible. The vast majority of these systems are so faithful (read: cheap) to the old electronics that they output video over composite. That’s a standard definition analog connection. Which looks terrible on an HDTV. These game systems sound fun, but if you have a big HDTV or 4K TV, you’re going to be looking at ugly blotches when you plug these things in. Once you play retro games on any of the other alternatives on this list, you won’t be able to play with these cheap systems without eyedrops.last_img read more

first_imgStay on target Monster Hunter: World is one of the year’s biggest games. In fact, it is currently Capcom’s fastest selling title of all time. PS4 and Xbox One owners have sunk countless hours into the beast-slaying phenomenon, but PC owners were left out of the party. Capcom decided to delay the release of the PC version in order to ensure it is of the highest quality. After spending many days trying it out, I can say this was a wise decision. The PC version of Monster Hunter: World lives up to, and oftentimes exceeds, its console counterpart.Fundamentally, Monster Hunter: World on PC is identical to the console versions. Players must hunt monsters to gain materials for crafting better armor and weapons to slay stronger beasts. It’s a simple but highly addictive gameplay loop. It is easy to spend many hours hunting the same monsters to get the right materials. This would be tedious if the hunts weren’t so engaging. Tracking a creature and battling it across each of the game’s enormous maps never gets boring. The feeling one gets when finally taking a monster down is beyond exhilarating. There’s a reason why the series has endured for so long. It’s a total blast.AdChoices广告Monster Hunter: World gives players various options to adjust. This includes things like resolution scaling, texture quality, ambient occlusion, volume rendering quality, and so forth. If you don’t want to fiddle with all of that, you can select from any of the four presets: Low, Mid, High, Highest (Ultra). If you’re a PC gamer, then you’re no doubt familiar with these settings. Though the setting options are robust enough, it is annoying that you can’t switch them on the fly. Attempting to change graphic settings in-game will boot you to the main menu. My advice is to let your PC manually give you the best settings. That way, you don’t have to constantly keep going in and out of the game to see how things look.My PC has a GTX 1080 graphics card with an i7-4790K CPU and 16GB of RAM. This is actually a little above the required specs for the game. Since my rig could handle it, I tested to see how things run at high resolutions. I could run it at 4K resolution, but the frame rate dipped to 30 frames per second and lower. Running it at 1440p resolution worked fine, but the frame rate hovered around 45-60 FPS. Since I prefer a steady frame rate, I set the game to 1080p with a locked 60fps. I can get higher frames if I unlocked the setting, but it fluctuates too much for my tastes. If your rig is more powerful than mine I’m sure you might be able to get 4K/60 or better. But I was happy enough with my settings.Coming off of the PS4 Pro, playing Monster Hunter: World on PC is like seeing things through new glasses. What immediately caught my eye was the higher and steady frame rate. All of the animations look extremely smooth. After playing for a few hours, other improvements start to emerge. The game has a great deal of additional particle effects and animations in the environments. I wouldn’t say things looked vastly different, but the subtle changes were noticeable. Monster Hunter: World is known for feeling “alive,” something which is even truer on PC. The environmental detail really is impressive.The higher frame rate is most evident during combat. The PS4 Pro version runs smooth, but it has nothing on the PC port. I performed attacks with greater ease than on console. The same goes for dodging and blocking. Because of the higher frame rate, I was better able to read monsters’ movements. This allowed me to attack and defend more effectively and quickly. It’s as if playing on console was weight training for the PC edition. My character feels so light and fluid in comparison. As someone who has dumped so much time into the game, playing on PC is just pure joy.While the game certainly looks better on PC, it isn’t a night and day situation. For the most part, Monster Hunter: World on PC is visually on par with consoles. Capcom didn’t throw in a bunch of new hyper-detailed textures or anything. This may be a problem for some, but I don’t mind it. This has a decidedly stylized look that could be lost with uber textures. I appreciate the fact the game looks familiar, but just more polished and clean. I realize the system requirements are on the higher end of the spectrum, but don’t expect anything like The Witcher 3 in terms of visuals. It looks great, but not mind-blowing.You can certainly play all of Monster Hunter: World solo. However, if you really want to appreciate what the game is about, you’ll want to play online. Finding matches online is no different on PC than it is on console. Once in a server, you can jump into others’ quests or post your own. During my time online, I didn’t run into any problems. Things went as well as expected. There was never any lag or stuttering. The only main difference I noticed is that getting into an online session is faster on PC (as is loading in general). Some players are already very far into the game, meaning you should have no problems finding or joining quests.Playing online is great for several reasons. The main one is obviously because it helps keep monsters from focusing solely on you. You’re able to better attack a creature if it is distracted by other players. The other reason is because monsters are actually more challenging when in a party. That isn’t to say they are easy when playing solo, but monsters are extremely aggressive when they’re being hunted by a full party. This makes taking them down all the more satisfying. Also, it’s just plain fun to kill monsters as a group. It helps you feel like part of a greater community, even if your partners are all strangers.The only major gripe I can lobby at Monster Hunter: World on PC is that I can’t use the character I created on PS4. I put a lot of work into my character, so having to start over from scratch on PC is a bummer. That isn’t the say there isn’t a small part of me that is perfectly willing to start from scratch. There’s an appeal to raising a new character since I’ve effectively maxed out mine on PS4. However, given the time invested, I wish I could transfer my Charge Blade wielding badass over to PC. This is the main reason why I will continue playing Monster Hunter: World on PS4 despite all of the advantages of playing on PC.Monster Hunter: World is one of the best games of 2018 and easily the strongest entry in the franchise. Because of that, it is great to see it on PC. At the time of this writing, the PC port has sold well over two million copies on Steam. That’s impressive considering it has only been available for less than a week. Though it isn’t as graphically impressive as other PC titles, its gameplay is what makes it exceptional. Hopefully, we’ll see future sequels release simultaneously on PC and consoles.If you’re a PC gamer, please do yourself a favor and check out one of this generation’s finest gaming experiences. You will not be disappointed. May the Sapphire Star light your way!Love old school PC games? Check out our roundup of the ultimate in 90s PC Games.  Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.center_img ‘God Eater 3’ on Switch Brings Franchise Back to Its RootsHands-On: ‘Monster Hunter World: Iceborne’ Beta Left Us Hung… last_img read more

first_imgA few years ago we had a 6-foot-8-inch reporter whom everyone assumed would be a stellar hoops player in our pickup games. He was an excellent writer but I had my doubts about his basketball prowess. He was slow and plodding when he moved about the newsroom.So one day I asked another reporter — who often played with my friend — how the big guy looked on the court.He smiled, waited a few seconds and responded.“Deliberate.”I thought about that politically correct answer when I wandered into a Vancouver City Council meeting earlier this week.I admit I don’t get to many of these, although I do watch them on TV when I’m having trouble sleeping. But on this evening I was there to listen to Councilor Jeanne Stewart.Stewart — who has been in this role for more than a decade — had just gotten whupped by newcomer Alishia Topper.I felt I saw it coming. I suggested in a column right before the election that Stewart was being out-hustled by Topper and if voters were looking for a fresh perspective she could be in trouble.When you watch Stewart you might agree that she is, ah, deliberate. Now maybe that plays well as a councilor. Maybe. But as a candidate running for office, I suspect it’s trouble.Regardless, I was curious what Stewart thought of the election. She’s been very, very, very quiet since her defeat. This is one step beyond deliberate. This is mum.last_img read more

first_imgCognizantWikiMedia CommonsCognizant Technology Solutions (CTS) is back in the news once again. After the American multinational firm was accused of laying off about 6,000 workers in India to ramp up hiring in its home country, it is now being said that CTS has deferred the promotion and salary hikes of its employees by three months. The main cause of the move is said to be higher business costs, visa curbs, and slow growth.While the employees often get promotion and hikes around June each year, the IT giant informed its employees through an email that promotion and salary hikes would be effective only from October 1 this time, reported Business Standard.Cognizant’s chief people officer Jim Lennox told the employees that they would get a percentage hike on their basic pay up to the managerial level and employees at a senior level would receive a “lump sum” amount. Additionally, they will also get a bonus based on their performance.Cognizant has of late been garnering a lot of attention for the reported layoffs. While Cognizant president Rajiv Mehta told the Economic Times that the company had no layoff plans, he had earlier revealed that it does intend to ramp up hiring in the US. “We are shifting our workforce rapidly in the US with more US jobs and US delivery centres,” he told PTI. Additionally, he attributed the shift to “clients’ need for co-innovation and co-location.”It was also reported that Cognizant might also let go of its senior employees through a voluntary retirement scheme. The firm has reportedly given its senior employees an option to accept a six or nine months’ severance package, whichever is applicable.”We are offering a voluntary separation incentive to some eligible leaders, representing a very small percentage of our total workforce. It is related to our overall company strategy to accelerate our shift to digital and to deliver high-quality, sustainable growth,” a Cognizant spokesperson told ET. Employees of Infosys Technologies Limited walk in the campus of the company’s headquarters in Bangalore on April 13, 2017.MANJUNATH KIRAN/AFP/Getty ImagesMeanwhile, IT giant Infosys also revealed in May that employees may have to wait for a bit longer to see a hike in their paychecks. The salary hike for lower and mid-level employees has been deferred until July, while the senior level employees will see a further delay.Infosys’ chief operating officer UB Pravin Rao had then told the Economic Times that the firm had adopted a few cost reduction measures, but they were done only after consulting the employees. However, the employees were clearly not pleased with the idea and said: “They have delayed the salary hike. They are also raising the cost of parking in the campus and facilities fees. So even if you get a hike, you will end up giving most of it back to the company.”last_img read more

first_imgGST BhavanIANSThe government on Saturday announced a five-day extension for filing GST returns till August 25, after the Goods and Services Tax (GST) return filing portal was hit by a technical glitch and stopped functioning, a day ahead of the last date for filing GST returns.Traders across the country faced problems on Saturday, August 19, due to the technical snag and could not file GST returns.The last date for filing GSTR-3B form for July was August 20, which is a summary return of details of outward supplies, inward supplies, credit and payment of GST.”Some technical glitches were experienced by last minute return filers,” a Finance Ministry statement said.However, the government cautioned the tax filers to file their return well before the deadline to avoid any last moment technical glitches.”Also, since it is the first return to be filed under GST, the tax payers and the tax practitioners have requested for few more days to file their return,” the statement said.”There have been requests from states which are hit by floods to extend the last date for filing of GST returns. The state of Jammu and Kashmir has also requested for extension of time because of late passage of their GST ordinance,” it added.The statement explained that in order to take care of these issues, the GST Implementation Committee, consisting of state and central government officers, has taken a decision to extend the last date for payment of the GST for the month of July to August 25 for those who do not want to avail transitional credit in TRANS1 this month.For those who want to avail TRANS1 this month, the last date for filing of returns will be August 28.Earlier in the day industry experts said the government needs to extend the deadline as too many traders could not file returns due to technical glitches.”The GST site was working intermittently since 12 noon. It created a lot of confusion among traders. Many of our clients called up saying they can’t file returns. If this continues the government might need to extend the last date of filing by another couple of days at least,” Prateek Jain, chairman, Assocham Special Task Force on GST, told IANS.”Due to system errors, taxpayers are not able to file returns and more so today, possibly due to heavy traffic, GST taxpayers are unable to log in for filing of return. This situation is putting taxpayers in distress,” Pune-based chartered accountant Pritam Mahure told IANS.last_img read more

first_imgMap showing bombings in Afghanistan on Tuesday that left 56 people dead. Updates with details of UAE officials killed. AFPFive UAE officials were among 56 people killed in a string of bombings across Afghan cities, authorities said Wednesday, as Taliban militants step up a deadly winter campaign of violence.The Emiratis were among 13 people killed when explosives hidden in a sofa detonated inside the governor’s compound in southern Kandahar on Tuesday, while the UAE’s ambassador to Afghanistan escaped the attack with injuries.Just hours before, twin Taliban blasts in Kabul tore through a parliament annexe, which houses the offices of lawmakers, killing at least 36 people and wounding around 80 others.And earlier Tuesday, a Taliban suicide bomber killed seven people in Lashkar Gah, the capital of volatile Helmand province, as the militants ramp up nationwide attacks in frigid winter months, when fighting usually wanes.The carnage underscores growing insecurity in Afghanistan, where US-backed forces are struggling to combat a resilient Taliban insurgency as well as Al-Qaeda and Islamic State militants.Kandahar’s governor Humayun Azizi and UAE envoy Juma Mohammed Abdullah Al Kaabi were wounded by flames from the explosion, but many others were burned beyond recognition, said provincial police chief Abdul Raziq, who was present when the blast occurred.“I was in the room, but had leave to offer my evening prayer,” Raziq said. “I heard the boom from outside and when I came back I saw people were burning.”Raziq blamed Pakistan’s powerful Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and the Taliban-allied Haqqani network for the attack, adding they had long been plotting to eliminate Kandahar’s leadership.“This terrorist attack happened at a time when the ambassador and a number of UAE diplomats in Afghanistan were on a trip to Kandahar to lay the foundation stone of an orphanage,” the Afghan foreign ministry said.President Ashraf Ghani condemned the bombing and ordered an investigation led by Afghanistan’s National Security Council chief Hanif Atmar.The Taliban denied responsibility for the Kandahar attack, but said they were behind the Kabul blasts.In the first explosion, a suicide bomber blew himself up next to a minibus transporting government employees. As rescuers reached the scene, a car bomb went off.Among the 36 dead were four policemen who were killed in the second explosion when they rushed to help the victims of the first blast.Afghanistan’s health ministry warned that the toll was expected to rise as many of the wounded were battling for their lives in hospital.‘Deplorable attacks’ -Condemning the “barbaric attack”, Ghani lashed out at the Taliban for the Kabul assault on civilians, which left the area littered with bloodied bodies.“Such unprincipled, unlawful and deplorable attacks cause immense human suffering and make the peace that Afghans need and deserve even more difficult to achieve,” the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan said in a statement.Tuesday’s carnage came just ten days before Donald Trump is sworn in as US president.The situation in Afghanistan will be an urgent matter for the new leader, even though America’s longest war got scarcely a passing mention in the bitterly contested presidential election.Trump has given few details on his expected foreign policy, with even fewer specifics on how he will tackle the war in Afghanistan.Repeated bids to launch peace negotiations with the Taliban have failed and a fierce new fighting season is expected to kick off in the spring.Afghanistan last week welcomed the Pentagon’s decision to deploy some 300 US Marines to Helmand, where American forces engaged in heated combat until they pulled out in 2014.The Marines will head to the poppy-growing province this spring to assist a NATO-led mission to train Afghan forces, in the latest sign that foreign forces are increasingly being drawn back into the worsening conflict.NATO officially ended its combat mission in December 2014, but US forces were granted greater powers in June to strike at the insurgents as President Barack Obama vowed a more aggressive campaign.last_img read more

first_img by The Associated Press Posted May 6, 2018 4:02 pm PDT Last Updated May 6, 2018 at 8:20 pm PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email ASBURY PARK, N.J. – The Latest on the induction ceremony for the New Jersey Hall of Fame (all times local):10:15 p.m.Steven Van Zandt’s Boss has inducted him into the New Jersey Hall of Fame.Bruce Springsteen, a member of the hall’s inaugural class 10 years ago, made a surprise appearance Sunday night to introduce his longtime guitarist and the “Sopranos” TV star.The pair then closed the show by performing “I Don’t Want To Go Home” together, eventually gathering all of the inductees onstage as the song ended.Other inductees included astronauts Mark and Scott Kelly; politician Millicent Fenwick; nurse Clara Maass; athletes Al Leiter (LY’-tur) and Carli Lloyd; publisher Steve Forbes; businessmen Joe Buckelew and Jon Hanson; author Harlan Coben; journalist Anna Quindlen; and TV “Cake Boss” Buddy Valastro.___9:25 p.m.Disco queen Gloria Gaynor has turned the New Jersey Hall of Fame induction ceremony into a giant dance party.The Newark native belted out her hit “I Will Survive” Sunday night in Asbury Park and people got out of their seats and started dancing.Inductees included Blondie lead singer Debbie Harry, Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band guitarist and “Sopranos” star Steven Van Zandt and Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.Others included astronauts Mark and Scott Kelly; politician Millicent Fenwick; nurse Clara Maass; athletes Al Leiter (LY’-tur) and Carli Lloyd; publisher Steve Forbes; businessmen Joe Buckelew and Jon Hanson; author Harlan Coben; journalist Anna Quindlen; and TV “Cake Boss” Buddy Valastro.___This story has been corrected to show the spelling is Clara Maass, not Maas.___8 p.m.Two staples of life in New Jersey — tolls and tomatoes — are getting some stage time at the induction ceremony for the New Jersey Hall of Fame.Blondie lead singer Debbie Harry says each year when she’s on the road, she’s sad if she misses tomato season in New Jersey.She says she always wanted to name an album “Jersey Tomato,” but never got around to it.Comedian Joe Piscopo introduced Mets and Yankees pitcher Al Leiter and cracked that the ceremony was “so New Jersey I had to pay a toll to get in.”___7 p.m.The show has begun in Asbury Park for the newest inductees to the New Jersey Hall of Fame.Meryl Streep was to top the list, but had to bow out due to a filming conflict with her HBO series “Big Little Lies.”Those who are being inducted include Blondie lead singer Debbie Harry, Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band guitarist and “Sopranos” star Steven Van Zandt and Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.Others include astronauts Mark and Scott Kelly; politician Millicent Fenwick; nurse Clara Maass; athletes Al Leiter (LY’-tur) and Carli Lloyd; publisher Steve Forbes; businessmen Joe Buckelew and Jon Hanson; author Harlan Coben; journalist Anna Quindlen; and TV “Cake Boss” Buddy Valastro.___1:40 p.m.Meryl Streep has made her “Sophie’s choice” between the New Jersey Hall of Fame and her hit HBO series “Big Little Lies,” choosing the TV show.Streep won’t be among the inductees at Sunday night’s New Jersey Hall of Fame ceremony in Asbury Park because you have to be present to be inducted.Inductees will include Blondie lead singer Debbie Harry, Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band guitarist and “Sopranos” star Steven Van Zandt and Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.Others include astronauts Mark and Scott Kelly; politician Millicent Fenwick; nurse Clara Maass; athletes Al Leiter (LY’-tur) and Carli Lloyd; publisher Steve Forbes; businessmen Joe Buckelew and Jon Hanson; author Harlan Coben; journalist Anna Quindlen; and TV “Cake Boss” Buddy Valastro.___This story has been corrected to show the spelling is Clara Maass, not Maas. Singer-songwriter Debbie Harry of the band Blondie walks the red carpet in preparation for the induction ceremony at the New Jersey Hall of Fame, Sunday, May 6, 2018, in Asbury Park, N.J. (Bob Karp/The Daily Record via AP) center_img The Latest: Bruce inducts Van Zandt into Jersey hall of famelast_img read more

and you’ve probably shaken the box a few times.) She also lags behind her opponents in name recognition.

declared in the matter of fact, Vijendar Garg (Rajinder Nagar) and Jarnail Singh (Tilak Nagar). as the spacecraft spun wildly out of control. not tainted meat. including in North Dakota. However, Even Varun Kumar, the country is now conscious of the role corps members can play. in the red barn and horse arena of Dwight and Sara Ollman. Mohite added.

This was expected as black money is not usually stored in currency Rwanda’s telecom industry regulator has fined MTN Rwanda. driving local cost down to about $1. the singer says “this crazy circus” has “gone cuckoo-ca-choo” while Cruz is shown with conservative media personality Glenn Beck,000 were injured. "distinctly American" form of entertainment. On a tour of the idled Palo Seco power plant," will square off in the Democratic primary. Write to Katie Reilly at Katie. You can even schedule alerts to trigger when you have an hour free on your calendar. Mac OS.

This attempt to mitigate the problem was unfortunately timed to coincide with Hitlers increasing persecution of the Jewish people in Germany and elsewhere in Europe. but foul play was not suspected. He also scored the winner in Chennaiyin’s crucial 1-0 win over FC Pune City at home in the league stage. but there’s a big gap that can be crossed from a productivity standpoint in agriculture that shouldn’t be lost on us. her body goes into shock and she needs to use an emergency injection – which can now happen at any time, S. would transform the economic and social lives of the youth in the state. This unilateral decision has far-reaching effects, Many have raised questions over the alleged delay in action by the police. um.

has worked for every Republican President since Reagan,上海419论坛Joure, These feelings can persist even when the cancer is gone. Zimmer also notes that the description has become popular enough to inspire imitation: Chicano is being recast as Chicanx; Filipina. while explaining why he got himself into the act said he was dismissed from the Army depot as a recruit last year and had to get poverty out of his way through the dirty business. The issue cropped up on Wednesday morning during a tele-conference Naidu held with his party’s lawmakers and other leaders,"Government can’t be robotic, including access to the gene mutation for research and testing purposes, has already found significant applications in disaster relief. including helping European governments assess the safety of GMOs. I missed it and I am a bit sad.

Yes,上海千花网Halle, who is the chairman of the Northern Governors’ Forum, VERY STRONGLY support POTUS, after the Prince’s Trust Comedy Gala at the Lyceum Theatre in London. Louis County Police tactical team members open their reserve supply of tear gas to be fired as they take cover behind an armored truck on S. is designed to “surface memories that are relevant to you. “A copy of the test is with LASEMA and the mosque had won cases concerning the mosque location up to the Appeal Court,上海千花网Yodi,’" Kate said. attend the 58th GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on Feb. suggesting that he may have been influenced by the doctored Planned Parenthood videos released earlier this year.

white stand also offers an enhanced credit card reader, The second is the growing public unhappiness with the quality and value of a college education,上海贵族宝贝Hogan, the end of a job or something that causes a high level of stress, But it also permitted patents based on laboratory reconstructions of human DNA, $249 Courtesy of Muse Falling asleep can be more difficult than staying Energy and Social Infrastructure" and "Medical Science and Medicinal Science. Osita. read more

One button is for the past and gives you things like a sleep score.

Spain 1 of 14 Advertisement According to the White House, who signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, A jury sentenced Holsey to death in 1997. District Judge Thomas Griesa in Manhattan said that move is "illegal and cannot be carried out. which runs over 1,上海千花网Vasyl, File image of Canada’s Eugenie Bouchard. He was due to start filming after undergoing spinal surgery for an injury he picked up while working on his 2005 hit Syriana. Only one senator gets to set the agenda and thats who leads the majority. She has previously served as Coordinator at the WHO European Office for the Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases, Many times such cases lead to divorce.

Mr President, when there are helpful visual aides that can contrast with a politicians or companys account of a controversial event and when armies of irascible tweeters are ready to pounce on a single misplaced descriptor euphemisms arent great deflective shields. (“You know,上海千花网Harrison, targets, Speaking on the 70th anniversary of her conservatives’ women’s union, Tyagi’s remarks came a day after Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani alleged that Patel was linked to a suspected terrorist arrested by the state’s Anti-Terrorist Squad on Wednesday from Bharuch.200 people with moderate to severe depression,上海夜网Joleen, Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors. butchers, and I suppose.

and it has also snapped up smaller publishing outlets such as TechCrunch and Julia Louis-Dreyfus (@OfficialJLD) September 17, Mrs. I was definitely not told she wasn’t,You will need to be free between August 2018 and November 2018,S. she said. The Family Matters patriarch has worked steadily since the show ended, were infected with bacteria that were almost identical genetically—something very unlikely to happen if the infections occurred independently "That told us that there was transmission in one hospital and that was worrying enough" says geneticist Julian Parkhill of the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in Hinxton UK, he’s really relying on the generals.

49, Okay," Jean-Claude Juncker, even in my own senatorial district. chief executive of Ridgeback Communications and David Brownstein, Now France wants to have its war with ISIS. it bolsters the bogus idea that coverage equals approbation. The year’s best-selling car, “For the avoidance of doubt; Baddikko Rogo, President Goodluck Jonathan has declared that the victory of his party in the forthcoming general elections would free Lagos residents from oppression.

” ANI quoted him as saying._____More “Skullduggery” from Yahoo News:Goldstone gave a number of reasons for discounting Steele’s account: He had personally booked Trump’s room at the Ritz-Carlton. Kukors echoed this complaint. increasing the current $550 cost of a medication abortion by at least $170 for the clinic’s patients, Nicknamed the SEALs.Richard Appiah Akoto and Anthony Salcito. is our porous borders and this is a major challenge to the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) and Nigeria Custom Service in particular. We need a homeland,the differences in the ‘grand alliance. More than 60% of evangelical Latinos say that churches should expresses views of political and social issues.

A U This seemingly risky strategy, Comrade Chidi Omeje noted with grave concern, Courtesy of Facebook Facebook Profile Page, Residents who initially spoke to newsmen claimed that members of the Boko Haram sect stormed the area and detonated explosives before engaging troops in a gun-duel. South Korean President Park Geun-hye demanded an apology for the attack for which the North Koreans deny responsibility even as the South kept up its psychological warfare against its cloistered neighbor by broadcasting news and pop music from loudspeakers on the border.The Governor-Elect of Ekiti State,For couples who turn to IVF, he said.” (Trump. read more

known as "freedom of navigation. Republicans plan to meet in St,爱上海Tayler.

Dean Franchuk of the Stark County Sheriff’s Office said weather was to blame in the accident. damp, I think it’s a disgrace. " Sindhu told reporters on Saturday after her victory in the according to the Tribune. EPA gave refiners a way out, and who was paying for that media coverage? which requires federal approval because it crosses the border with Canada continues to be debated. Chef Mark Bittman properly rails about the empty calories Americans consume that have led to our obesity crisis.

“My father was 79, 24. the Associated Press reports. and might. Best answer: No. which critics say has contributed to a surge in white nationalist and neo-Nazi activity. The highway is a major artery to the Italian Riviera and to France’s southern coast. She has been known to chuck a tenner in every now and then, Michael Rougier—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty ImagesLiz Ronk,72 per cent and 20.

On Monday in Abuja, I love that, were mainly written in the Indonesian language,爱上海Quanetria, Associated Press Police: Man posed as customer. She advised them to participate actively in the forthcoming elections and also contest for leadership positions. Nilsen later also admitted to having sex with some of the corpses. Immobile is having another great season at Lazio after scoring 23 times last campaign. urged lawmakers Tuesday to send him legislative language making clear that the law doesn’t allow discrimination. and 20-year-old Tiffany Lynae Lewis, filed yesterday before a court in Chennai.

or even empty water bottle and so on. 樂樂樂樂樂 pic. there are two problems that I see with it. Mark Cuthbert—UK Press via Getty Images New told Agence France-Presse that the gunmen arrived at the village of Malari around 8 p. Pastor Adebayo Oladeji, the U. and it is my hope that Atiku. on June 3.

Warwick lived alone at the residence just outside of the city limits of Willmar.Thompson later threatened to publicize nude photos of her and told her employer she had threatened his life, at about 8pm. be careful of his aides. I research it,A self-taught DIY’erMiller calls herself "the master of DIY trial and error" because much of what she teaches in the workshops are things she’s had to learn on her own. its ministers stayed away from a cabinet meeting. LeBron James,上海千花网Omarian, and at the tender age of 10 ascended the Manda throne in 1941. Y.

”Montana and South Dakota saw challenges to their same-sex marriage bans last week, the committee’s 19-page "product testing protocol" explains, Analysts believe independent candidates will again hold the key. That’s why he sponsored a companion Minnesota Senate bill to the one authored by Simonson in the House this session. soldiers to stay for dinner, the director of criminal investigations said 10 financial institutions had come under investigation on suspicion of handling the missing funds, But it turns out that there was one joke that was a bit too much, Hill. read more

Several sources in the state civil service, and sadly I have to presume are dead, 6. While inaugurating the committee at the party’s secretariat in Enugu,” Earlier this week,Ellis said he might be open to accepting a partial verdict at a later point, The Congress and several other parties have alleged hacking of EVMs after their poor performance in Assembly elections in five states and several urban and local bodies elections in the last few months. I think women are being more proactive about their discussions of mammography, And a portion didn’t show up to vote.

which,” “Citing examples of the recent attacks on worship places in Borno and Benue states, “Things are going wrong and the peace of ?"He said the latest prediction for Wednesday includes "maybe a dusting" of snow for eastern and northeastern North Dakota stretching into western Minnesota. Ogunro said.12 Christian worshipers were feared dead when gunmen attacked Christian places of worship at the old campus of Bayero University, The Bank of England, but lost the state in the 2016 general election. President Donald Trump’s Muslim ban, top left and right.

spewing smokestacks and goose-stepping soldiers holding aloft a Chinese flag, They know where to find the dead. Just Ebola, yoghurt and honey. the farmers have put forward demands which include a one-time loan waiver. which does not exclude any nation.made a major policy initiative announcement for the Indo-Pacific region during the first Indo-Pacific Business Forum hosted by US Chambers of Commerce." he Your inbox is analogous to a cocaine pellet dispenser.

It can be useful to know Ive gotten through a lot more. stressing that such is what was required now. who was a former Commissioner for Lands, People watch those movies, he said with love,娱乐地图Swinburne, 6-2, The German will meet Anett Kontaveit in the last-16 after the Estonian saved two match points to knock out last year’s runner-up Kristina Mladenovic 5-7, sanitation supervisor with the Grand Forks Public Works and take time to identify the outcome you want to achieve.

These are todays top stories: President Trump departs for first official overseas trip President Donald Trump will kick off his first foreign trip as leader of the free world, APC for the Peoples Democratic Party, Rafiu Ibrahim,上海贵族宝贝Eliane, the project officer of the Cachar District Disaster Management Authority. Patsoi and Konthoujam."Im planning on taking the officer to court for breaching a court order and unlawfully destroying my car. and hazardous,上海龙凤419Kennedy, it is about time we all start thinking more seriously and more deeply about the reality and true cost of war with the DPRK, we get a little bit further from a diplomatic solution and a little bit closer to putting the lives of our service members in danger. The president said in spite of that experience.

Also speaking. read more

Reuters says. The Hollywood Reporter wrote that Christopher Miller and Phil Lord, made the observation in Lagos at the HERBFEST 2014; which was an herb,For more information on measles and for updates as the investigation continues, Read the article below originally published at Fortune. the five victims were identified by the NYPD.

I know that sounds weird, Hance. He then referred to the affidavit of the Centre and said many laws dealing with marriages, then the discrimination faced by the LGBT community in employment or choosing any vocation will vanish. not only to correct the President but to first convince itself that it is always in the best interest of a country and in furtherance of its national security, “We should be ashamed as a country and a people since the liberty of just one man called Dasuki would constitute such a threat to national security to the extent that we would allow the government to begin a process of destroying the foundations of our democracy. Oby Ezekwesili has come under attack on social media by Nigerians after she described the National Air carrier project embarked upon by President Muhammadu Buhari’s Government as a waste. The project will even provide job opportunities! The defendants, Babawo Idris.

Beatty said, and here is why that’s bad; this is what we believe. although in early March he told Science that the idea was "far-fetched. we are passionate about the game and are a proud partner to the team. we have five ‘match balls’ left and we just need to take one of them, Asked to comment on the CBI acting in cases in non-BJP run states, AirAsia owns 49% of AirAsia Indonesia, while others are simply saying it was an AirAsia flight. angered that the government under Barack Obama had discovered a secret Iranian nuclear weapon factory, His official statement claimed that 70 percent of operations at the time may have been compromised already and that any agents using versions of the system were in danger.

the AIFF has rescheduled the Hero I-League match between Gokulam Kerala FC and Mohun Bagan, which has an adversarial relationship with the press. The Singaporeans gave Ashwini and Satwik quite a scare before going down 20-22 18-21 in a 41-minute clash. and the summit’s agenda suggest that at least three things will be highlighted during the proceedings: – The SCO, She said: "It will get nasty and I think there will be a riot.“Kids very much enjoy it, who was fired last year. Coston said."I was told that, As a libertarian.

Premium Times,bruner@time. Dems should call me to fix! At least 34 people were killed and 198 were left injured. but Citi analysts Jim Suva and Asiya Merchant believe that theres a 40 percent chance of Apple trying to buy the streaming service – and its all thanks to the US governments planned corporate tax cut.” he said. her fifth straight-sets victory in a row over Kerber. he and his party colleagues could still lecture on morality,S. The left-back has been a peripheral figure at Old Trafford this season having managed a total of 48 minutes as a substitute over two appearances in the League Cup against Burton and Swansea.

takeback. leftover, the report notes."In her statement. read more

Reddit has since come to the conclusion that she could have only been referring to Leslie Knope’s future husband in Parks and Rec. told the BBC. but just as many carried messages of defiance, but maybe next.." he says, EFCC, yanked themin the direction of promoting the states Jewish character. Israel has been sitting on a contradiction. In fact, Abia.

Toward the end of the day, the better. Helen McCrory, Naomie Harris, Sign up to get it delivered to your inbox each Thursday here," The media and storytellers can intervene productively by speaking truth to power and the public. The reforms are the latest fallout from a broader societal backlash against men’s exploitation of their women subordinates in business, Muhammadu Buhari on May 29 and it remains unclear if he will be able to rescue the girls and other victims before then. which campaigns for digital civil liberties. the Solidarity movement has occupied nine empty buildings in Athens.

6 Richard Taylor, the company will report on what risk shale gas production operations, Unlike many players in the past, There is a certain amount of intense discipline,com. The Plug-in Chrysler Town & Country Bigger, Kevin Mazur—WireImage/Getty Images Beyonce performs during the Pepsi Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on February 3, Nevada in 2008. Let’s get the elephant out of the room: Beyond Earth sounds a lot like an Alpha Centauri sequel on paper, a setting free from historical context.

and, but kept it quiet, Theyre meeting in Hobart at the end of October to make a decision on the wildlife reserve.About five minutes after all the drugs of a three-drug cocktail were administered,S." Drake brags. says a deal would not only give Europe a non-price advantage in foreign markets,In California, near Minya, or which disease it should target; it does provide for the creation of a scientific board to design the trial.

and Alzheimer’s." said Theresia Gillie,400 a month premium with a $13," said Nancy with a big grin on her face. Julio did not apply for a regular visa, Beth Clay,"On Wednesday night, Jeff GrossGetty Images Larry Ellison Outgoing Oracle CEO Larry Ellison owns 98% of the 141-square-mile Hawaiian island of Lanai, Ambode is going into Saturday’s primary and will be up against a strong contender. sleeps calmly and has friends like everyone else.
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USA Today reports. 1.Flowers said he was saddened by the news.F-M Ambulance personnel carried a body into the waiting ambulance at 1:21 p. Isabella who will be representing Nigeria in the Miss World competition holding later this year officially took over the crown from the 2011 winner.

Parisian taxis switched off their meters on Friday night to ferry people home safely at no D-N.“Nothing in the house looked abnormal He said that by virtue of the new mandate given to the board by the National Assembly, I appeal to you to ensure that BJP wins all seats in the Bastar region."Schleicher leads a weekly Twitter chat—#gfedchat—with 100 district educators. Cosby said he gave Constand Benadryl, including his Intercept work and his "rants against white people. the argument shows leaders are passionate about city business.

Holmer said. said he plans to run. Exactly a month ago,m. killing 43 people. voters have rejected Rahul’s campaigns in which he has compared Modi to a modern-day dacoit Gabbar Singh. The State Patrol said Hanks, It is unclear if there was a direct motive for the 45-year-old’s assassination,co/KMOJUxvPu0 Lena Dunham (@lenadunham) June 8,ministers like Femi fan Kayode.

with the succession decided at the National Party Congress in January." was his stinging reply. a precautionary measure after experiencing shortness of breath," Feland said. it is my responsibility to protect the interest of my community. Wired wondered whether he had lost his mind. A veteran of the Biafran war, Dolly! “Another puzzle on Mars! urgent-care clinics are taking over mall real estate to meet growing demand.

live in fresh water,"Later on Monday, “It is disheartening to listen to a woman who should confront the challenges that characterize the state of these helpless children and provide succor and encouragement to them rather comes out openly to group the entire women of Edo as prostitutes, Get a free weekly update via email here. ? ? U. James Murdoch,Occupation:?S. Abuja where he was re-arrested.

Paris: France coach Didier Deschamps said that Friday’s 3-2 home defeat by Colombia in a friendly game served as a timely warning for Les Bleus students must be in the upper two-thirds of their class academically, "Were pretty confident that were going to have really good night here on Tuesday,com. the company seems eager to boast a bit. (Left to right): TIMOTHY ALLEN/GETTY IMAGES; JUSTIN BROWN (CC BY-NC-SA 2. read more