Pixar breaks the internets heart with Up storyboard for Valentines

first_img Valentine’s Day has barely started and Pixar’s making me sob https://t.co/7vgrwTsUaU— Armless, Legless, Faceless Thing (@Isometricism) February 14, 2019 Share your voice Remember the scene? This 10 minutes of pure, heart-wrenching piece of perfect animation? “Married Life”, as it’s known, is one of the most famous Pixar scenes ever created — detailing the trials and tribulations of falling in love and growing old together. As you will know if you’ve seen the clip, it takes the “till death do us part” part very seriously.And for that reason it stays fresh in our minds. It sticks its hand through your rib cage and absolutely pummels your heart. The only people that don’t cry during the Up scene either have no heart or fall prey to a livestream that starts buffering right before all the sadness crashes over them like an emotional tsunami. What. Have. You. DONE? me: ive never been sad on valentine’s day tbhpixar: hold on https://t.co/Kp1fDUUW25— Kat (Jay) (@therealjaybae) February 14, 2019 Of course, it also posted the clip to YouTube, because why not make the entire world cry, all at once? TV and Movies The comments there were very similar: “Why you gotta do this to me on Valentine’s day” read one. Another said “Pixar wants us to cry in San Valentín, this company is evil, but I still love them.” And then there was shouting:”Why must you upload on VALENTINES DAY I DONT HAVE A VALENTINE LET ALONE A LOVE STORY TO TELL”Still, this is perhaps the best scene in Pixar history. I invite you to name another that comes close. Toy Story 2’s “When She Loved Me”? WALL-E toiling through a desolate planet? I’m broken again. Please don’t do this next year, Pixar. DISNEY – FREAKING – PIXAR’s Valentines day tweet??HOW DARE!!!At least don’t go all the way to the end of that part in UP he goes home alone from the FUNERAL. 😭😭😭MONSTERS!!— Vintrove (@Vintrove) February 14, 2019 Walt Disney Pictures Pixar, you absolute monsters. On the Hallmark holiday, Pixar, the world-renowned animation studio famous for classic kids films like Toy Story, The Incredibles, Coco and that one with the Scottish warrior woman, wanted to celebrate L-O-V-E. It wanted to show the world how great love could be.And so, it posted this tweet, complete with the Up opening sequence where the protagonist Carl falls in love with a young lady named Ellie. Pixar: “Happy Valentine’s Day! Get ready to cry at your desk” https://t.co/ZxTOb4zVDW— Justin: Into the Salva-Verse (@SspaceC) February 14, 2019 0 pixar: happy valentines day watch the SADDEST FUCKING SCENE PROGRESSION WEVE EVER MADEme trying not to cry in class: H?— christine (@nokmiet) February 14, 2019 @DisneyPixar WHY IN GODS NAME WOULD YOU POST THIS ON VALENTINES DAY OF ALL DAYS?!?!?!? Seriously Pixar, not cool making a fat man cry on Valentines Day, that’s gotta be bad luck or something. I hope your new Toy Story movie only makes 1.25 billion dollars instead of 2 billion! https://t.co/aRKHCCYQiT— James Cobb (@Jamesthelockguy) February 15, 2019 Disney be like: Happy Valentines day here’s the saddest scene in Disney-Pixar history— Mint Manicus (@That_guy_Mint) February 15, 2019 Happy Valentine’s Day! 😭 Dammit Pixar! https://t.co/Xr4XhUweRT— Tsuki Phase (@tsukiphase) February 14, 2019 Pixar Post a comment Pixar, what have you done? Tags Get caught Up in love. ❤️ pic.twitter.com/8o1h8KBphK— Disney•Pixar (@DisneyPixar) February 14, 2019last_img

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